We created Nomen to ensure sustainability from farm to bottle. In light of this, we bottle our wine in unique PET plastic bottles!  PET bottles are: 90% lighter than glass bottles, 100% recyclable, and account for 77% less greenhouse gas emissions than glass. Recyclable in your curbside bin and infinitely recyclable.
Always have a bottle of Nomen on-hand for your next adventure.

Nomen’s recyclable PET bottles ask wine buyers to pass on glass.

“Five women sharing the name O’Reilly think those wines should be housed in plastic bottles, just like soda pop and water. Their new line of Nomen wines makes a tasty argument to pass on glass.” – Michael Alberty | For The Oregonian.

“With Americans consuming four billion bottles of wine a year, shifting everyday drinking wines into PET bottles could strike a significant blow for the wine industry’s decarbonization.” – Michael Alberty, for the Oregonian.

Adventures Well



90% lighter than glass

Lowers carbon footprint by 77%

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