Our Sustainable Vineyard Partners!

For us, sustainability is essential; whether it’s in the vineyard and cellar or when it comes to wine bottles and shipping. The high quality of our wine can be largely attributed to the quality of the grapes and the dedication and hard work of our vineyard partners, especially their dedication to sustainability! We only work with vineyards that prioritize protecting both the Earth’s natural resources and their human resources with fair wages and safe practices. Get to know some of our amazing vineyard partners who also happen to be personal friends of ours.

Equus Vineyards mission is to grow world-class Washington wine grapes. Equus is a family owned vineyard located on the south facing slope of Yakima Ridge. 

Equus is LIVE and Salmon Safe Certified; two Pacific Northwest sustainability programs that take on a whole-farm approach in doing what is best for our environment, resources, and community. As part of our sustainability program, the property includes areas for pasture (for our natural beef cattle) and for native and floral biodiversity. We have encourages predator bird habitat with Kestrel boxes and Red Tail Hawk nesting that help deter avian bird damage prior to harvest.

We invite you to visit us at Equus where we can share with you our hard work, respect for the land, and passion for viticulture. 

Learn more about Mark and Debbie Roy and their wonderful vineyard!

Frenchman Hills Vineyard originally planted in 1998, has grown into a 468-acre vineyard on the east end of the Frenchman Hills, above the Royal Slope. Nestled within Washington State’s largest American Viticulture Area (AVA), the Columbia Valley, renowned for its unique climate, terrain, and soils.

We love working with Frenchman Hills and appreciate their approach to intuitive farming, sustainable practices, and their high regard for their workers. With an elaborate irrigation probe system, they know exactly how much water the vines need at all times and eliminate any water waste. We got to see this in action and it’s pretty cool! 

We also have deep personal ties to this vineyard as the vineyard manager is our lifelong friend, Nacho! Nacho taught all of us girls everything that we know about viticulture and instilled in us a respect for hard work and for natural farming practices.

Learn more about Frenchman Hills.


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