Nomen’s recyclable PET bottles ask wine buyers to pass on glass.

By Michael Alberty | For The Oregonian/OregonLive

“It’s estimated that 90% of the wines purchased in America are consumed within two weeks. Five women sharing the name O’Reilly think those wines should be housed in plastic bottles, just like soda pop and water. Their new line of Nomen wines makes a tasty argument to pass on glass.”

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“Hello, meat lovers. What up, double pepperoni crew? What’s good, sausage and onions with extra mozz? Order a case of this wine and have it on hand for all that. This Malbec from Washington State is a no-fuss, big and juicy red. It has good tannins to hold up to all that protein, but the dark, blackberry fruit will not be lost on your palate due to some nice acidity.”

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Season 4, EPS 1 | Hosted by Heidi Moore

“Their unique packaging is just one of the many reasons that sets them apart from the rest. They use PET bottles for a sustainable approach to bottling and as an effort to reduce their carbon footprint. They learned that experts estimate upwards of 60 percent of the wine industry’s contributions to carbon emissions have to do with making and transporting glass bottles. We truly appreciate a younger generation’s perspective on making our world a little bit more eco friendly.”

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“Hailing from Newberg, Oregon, Nomen is run by a mother and her three daughters. We love their sassy name, affordable prices, and of course the delicious wine they make! Nomen also has a strong sustainability focus. Rather than contributing to the wine industry’s high carbon emissions by using and transporting glass bottles, Nomen uses plastic PET bottles. The bottles are 100% recyclable, shatterproof, and don’t affect the flavor of the wine.”

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